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From the editors

Quan Zhou and Guiseppe Getto

Editorial for special issue on designing professional communication across cultures

(pp. 3–7)

Research articles

Sanjeev Bothra

Role of design education in fostering values of social responsibility in designers (pp. 11–44)

Ann Hill Duin, Joseph Moses, Megan McGrath, Jason Tham, and Nathan Ernst

Design thinking methodology: A case study of “radical collaboration” in the wearables research collaboratory (pp. 45–74)

Laura Gonzales

But is that relevant here? A pedagogical model for embedding translation training within technical communication courses in the US (pp. 75–108)

Kirk St.Amant

Mapping the cultural context of care: An approach to patient-centered design in international contexts (pp. 109–124)

connexions interviews

Denny Huang
TANG User eXperience Consulting, Shanghai, China
transcript (pp. 127–136)

Huatong Sun
University of Washington | Tacoma, USA
transcript (pp. 137–149)


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