Building bridges and strengthening skills

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From the guest editors

Bruce Maylath, Ricardo Muñoz Martín, and Marta Pacheco Pinto
Translation and International Professional Communication: Building bridges and strengthening skills (pp. 3-9)

Research articles

Anne Ketola
Translation diaries of an illustrated technical text (pp. 13-40)

Cathy L. McGinnis and Joleen R. Hanson
Social inclusion: Text optimization for translation and readability in a multilingual world (pp. 41-90)

Yusaku Yajima and Satoshi Toyosaki
Bridging for a critical turn in translation studies: Power, hegemony, and empowerment (pp. 91-125)

Teaching cases

Brent C. Sleasman
A philosophy and ethics of international classroom translation: Communicative implications of oral mediation in Haiti (pp. 129-146)

Tytti Suojanen, Kaisa Koskinen, and Tiina Tuominen
Usability as a focus of multiprofessional collaboration: A teaching case study on user-centered translation (pp. 147-166)

connexions interviews

Aitor Medrano
Multilingual language service provider, Spain
videotranscript (pp. 169-179)

Kirk St. Amant
East Carolina University, USA
video  &  transcript (pp. 181-191)

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