Preparing the workforce of the future

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From the guest editors

Pam Estes Brewer and Kirk St. Amant
Education and training for globally-distributed virtual teams: Preparing the workforce of the future (pp. 3-7)

Research articles

Lynnette G. Leonard, John C. Sherblom, Lesley A. Withers, and Jeffrey S. Smith
Training effective virtual teams: Presence, identity, communication openness, and conversational interactivity (pp. 11-45)

Velvet Weems-Landingham, Lydia Rose, and Veronica Cook-Euell
Negotiating availability within global virtual teams (GVTs) (pp. 47-67)

Focused commentary and industry perspectives

Marina Lin and Han Yu
A manager’s best practices to coordinate globally distributed teams (pp. 71-84)

Teaching cases

Joleen R. Hanson
Preparing globally distributed virtual team members to bridge boundaries of language difference: A graduate program teaching case (pp. 87-112)

Susan Spierre Clark, Andrew Berardy, Mark A. Hannah, Thomas P. Seager, Evan Selinger, and John Vianney Makanda
Group tacit knowledge and globally distributed virtual teams: Lessons learned from using games and social media in the classroom (pp. 113-151)

Karen Schroeder Sorensen, Steven Hammer, and Bruce Maylath
Synchronous and asynchronous online international collaboration: The Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project (pp. 153-177)

connexions interviews

Tatiana Batova
Arizona State University, USA
videotranscript (pp. 181-189)

Ronit Mayer
SAP, Israel
videotranscript (pp. 191-198)

Afaf Steiert
Afaf Translations, LLC, USA
videotranscript (pp. 199-210)

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