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Issue 3(2)

Aitor Medrano, Multinational Language Services Provide, Spain

video  &  transcript (pp. 169-179)


Kirk St.Amant, East Carolina University, USA

video  &  transcript (pp. 181-191)


Issue 3(1)

Tatiana Batova, Arizona State University, USA

video  &  transcript (pp. 181-189)


Ronit Mayer, SAP, Israel

video  &  transcript (pp. 191-198)


Afaf Steiert, Afaf Translations, LLC, USA

video  &  transcript (pp. 199-210)


Issue 2(1)

Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, USA 

video  &  transcript


Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Comgenesis, LLC, USA

video  &  transcript


Ricardo Muñoz Martín, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

video  &  transcript


Anne Surma, Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia

video  &  transcript


Kim Yangsook, HansemEUG, Inc., Republic of Korea

video  &  transcript

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