Charles Bazerman and Carolyn Miller, “Gêneros Textuais | Genres”
Peter Sandman, “Implementing Risk Communication: Overcoming the Barriers”

Carolyn Miller and Charles Bazerman, "Gêneros Textuais | Genres" [pt|en]

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Title. Gêneros Textuais | Genres

Featuring. Charles Bazerman, Carolyn Miller

Description. Carolyn Miller and Charles Bazerman answer questions about the concept of genre, and the role of cognition in interpreting genre, pedagogical and historical issues, new genres like weblogs, and the influence of culture in theories of genre as social action. | Keywords. Genres, Social action, Multimodality, Culture, Cognition, Pedagogy

Type. Interview | Format. Video [1-12 series] (Available on YouTube, and the Federal University of Pernambuco) | Language. en [interview], pt [subtitles]

Permission. Charles Bazerman, Angela Dionisio, Carolyn Miller

Peter Sandman, "Implementing Risk Communication: Overcoming the Barriers"

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Title. Implementing Risk Communication: Overcoming the Barriers

Featuring. Peter Sandman

Description. When people are excessively concerned about a small risk, the biggest problem isn’t figuring out what to do. It’s getting your company or agency to do it. After a six-minute introduction, this 76-minute video is devoted to three kinds of barriers to implementation … and ways to overcome them: 1. Cognitive barriers (34 minutes) — the “yes buts” that organizations give as their reasons for not moving forward. 2. Organizational barriers (18 minutes) — the characteristics of organizations that actually keep them from moving forward. 3. Psychological barriers (18 minutes) — the reasons even people who consider themselves committed may hesitate to move forward. When the American Industrial Hygiene Association produced this video (in VHS format) in 1994, I wasn’t yet routinely using the term “outrage management.” In the terminology I now use, this video is all about overcoming barriers to outrage management. | Keywords. Risk communication, Crisis, Barriers, Organizations, Public

Type. Presentation | Format. Video | Language. en

Permission. Peter Sandman

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