Research articles

Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah, Faizullah Jan, and Eric Karikari
Using technical writing strategies to create Islamic Pakistani subjects: A case study of textbooks in Pakistan

Sandra Hill
The power of digital storytelling to communicate complex STEM information across cultures

Ashley Patriarca
Evolving concepts of risk: Justifying safety communication in a high-hazard intercultural industry

Emily January Petersen
Feminist historiography as methodology: The absence of international perspectives

Review article

Massimo Verzella
An ethical rationale for the teaching of English as a lingua franca in professional communication courses

Teaching cases

Philip J. Aust and Audrey W. Allison
International Organizational Communication Assessment (IOCA): Message analysis and effectiveness for a global age

Josephine Walwema
Revisioning exploratory discourse as a rhetorical frame for social media practice in business and professional communication

connexions interviews

Chris Westphal
analysis365, Washington, DC Metro Area, USA
transcript | video


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