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From the editors

Gerald Savage and Godwin Agboka
Guest editors’ introduction to special issue: Professional communication, social justice, and the Global South (pp. 3–17)

Research articles

Huiling Ding, Xiaoli Li, and Austin Caldwell Haigler
Access, oppression, and social (in)justice in epidemic control: Race, profession, and communication in SARS outbreaks in Canada and Singapore (pp. 21–55)

Lucía Durá
What’s wrong here? What’s right here? Introducing the positive deviance approach to community-based work (pp. 57–89)

Ishani Mukherjee and Maggie Griffith Williams
Branding authenticity, global–localization and technology: Thematic analysis of two West Bengal urban–rural handicrafts NPO websites (pp. 91–130)

Dawn Opel and Paulette Stevenson
Do Women Win? Transnational development NGOs, discourses of empowerment, and cross-cultural technology initiatives in the Global South (pp. 131–157)

Rebecca Walton
Making expertise visible: A disruptive workplace study with a social justice goal (pp. 159–186)

connexions interviews

Rebecca Dingo
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
video  doi:10.21310/cnxvid.4.1.16din  [forthcoming]
transcript (pp. 189–199)

Sonja Vartiala
Finnwatch, Finland
video  doi:10.21310/cnxvid.4.1.16var  [forthcoming]
transcript (pp. 201–208)

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