Volume 1 • Number 1 • 2013

connexions journal 1(1) 2013
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International Professional Communication
today tomorrow

From the editor

Rosário Durão
International professional communication: An overview
(pp. 1-24)

International Professional Communication map


David R. Russell
International professional communication: Yesterday < today > tomorrow
 (pp. 25-28)

Position papers

Godwin Agboka
International technical communication and social justice: Interrogating the
international in international technical communication discourse (pp. 29-38)

María Inés Arrizabalaga
Five models and a challenge: Past, present and future of translator training programs in Argentina (pp. 39-45)

Richard Brandt & Rich Rice
Mobile medicine as efficient and effective intercultural health communication praxis (pp. 47-53)

Jody Byrne
Seeing the wood for the trees: Reassessing research agendas in specialized translation (pp. 55-58)

Marco Fiola
Should the market dictate the content of specialized translation curricula? (pp. 59-63)

Sarah Beth Hopton
If not me, who? Encouraging critical and ethical praxis in technical communication (pp. 65-68)

Molly K. Johnson
International service-learning partnerships: Engaging professional communication students in a global future (pp. 69-74)

Kendall Kelly
Genre analysis as a method for improving intercultural communication (pp. 75-80)

Amalia S. Levi
Communicating context: Libraries, archives, and museums in a connected world (pp. 81-87)

Kyle Mattson
Intercultural professional communication in syncretic enclaves: An overview of failed corporate public discourse in Malaysia (pp. 89-97)

Ricardo Muñoz Martín
Birds of a feather: Translation and communication studies (pp. 99-103)

Rich Rice
“Smart” connect-exchange intercultural study abroad models (pp. 105-110)

Debopriyo Roy
Towards experience design: The changing face of technical communication (pp. 111-118)

Clay Spinuzzi & Eva-Maria Jakobs
Integrated writers, integrated writing, and the integration of distributed work (pp. 119-124)

Kirk St.Amant
Finding friction points: Rethinking the flat earth model of globalization (pp. 125-132)

Rodanthi Tzanelli
On Avatar: Digital commerce as activist pedagogy? (pp. 133-137)

Iris Varner
The role of negotiation in intercultural business communication (pp. 139-145)

Rebecca Walton
Civic engagement, information technology, and global contexts (pp. 147-154)

Literature reviews

Diane B. Hogan
Theories that apply to technical communication (pp. 155-165)

Molly K. Johnson
Virtual international service learning: Negotiating boundaries (pp. 167-171)

Julia Mason
Professional writing and video games (pp. 173-178)

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